Experience a New Twist on a Familiar Genre ✨

Embark on an enigmatic journey in Astral Throne, a captivating blend of retro-style turn-based strategy and roguelike adventure. Navigate a once-prosperous nation cloaked in a memory-stealing fog from a fallen star.

Your party's composition shapes a dynamic narrative, offering a new story with every run. Engage in strategic gameplay involving permadeath, diverse objectives, and synergistic team-building.

Customize characters with flexible classes and varied encounters, ensuring each decision holds the power to drastically alter your course. Unravel the mystery, embrace challenging gameplay, and immerse yourself in the rich world. Every choice can butterfly-effect into vastly different outcomes every run.


Uncover the mystery of a Kingdom beset by a Falling Star's curse in this retro-inspired Roguelike SRPG. Build your party, recruit new allies, and synergize your team's skills for decisive victory.