The founders looking blissfully optimistic.

The Team

Michael Solski

President - Engineer - Audio - Design

Michael is the head of business operations at Zero Sun Games. After getting degrees in both computer science and business administration and spending a couple years in enterprise software development, he recruited three very talented and passionate friends to co-found the company. However, his main roles at the studio include engineering and composing, passions he has had for basically his whole life. Some of his work on video game remixes uploaded to YouTube have gained moderate popularity. Known for his efficiency, Michael uses his wide range of skills to ensure the quality of the studio's work is as high as it can possibly be.

Bryan Chafee

Lead Engineer - Systems Architect - Design

Bryan is the lead engineer and systems architect at Zero Sun Games. With his computer science degree and experience in professional video game development, Bryan is an expert at building and maintaining the systems that keep our games running smoothly. His passion for systems and well-thought-out architecture create an excellent code base for his team to work with, In his free time, he enjoys staying up to date with the latest gaming trends and technologies. Bryan is rightfully proud of his attention to detail and dedication to delivering high quality work, and we're fortunate to have him on our team.

Thomas Goos

Lead Designer - Engineer

Thomas has a deep passion for games and game design, and has also had some experience in creative fields and modding as a hobby. In his role at Zero Sun Games, Thomas is an designer, engineer, and is responsible for the delicate act of balancing how the development work impacts the game design. He is known for his attention to detail and ability to have his eye on design during production meetings, making him an invaluable asset to the team. With his diverse background and expertise, Thomas is dedicated to creating high quality, innovative games that players will love.

Taylor Gwynn

Technical Artist - Animator - Design

Taylor is a highly skilled lead technical artist and animator with a degree in Computer Science. With a few years of experience in corporate software development and a popular YouTube channel featuring 3D animation and music covers, Taylor is a creative and technically proficient asset to any project. She has a talent for creating engaging and visually impressive animations, and her YouTube content has even spawned some viral hits. Taylor is a valuable addition to the team, bringing a unique combination of technical expertise and artistic flair.